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We love Smiles!
The Creamery is a self serve Frozen Yogurt shop. We charge 52 cents per ounce. Every visit will hold new surprise for what's to come! Whether it's specials, toppings, flavors, or pastries. We strive to carry yummy flavors and unique topping choices so that our customers can use their creativity to make their edible masterpiece!

We offer 10% off all Military, Police, and Fire Fighters persons, to thank them for their services!

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Experience Frozen Yogurt the Creamery Co. Way

Jeff grew up in Lake Stevens, WA & graduated from Lake Stevens HS. Jeff is currently a Fire Captain at the Everett Fire Department. He currently resides at Station #7 and is a 26yr veteran at the Everett Fire Dept.

Rickelle grew up in Spokane & Graduated from Shadle Park HS. She is the General Manager. Rickelle worked 18 years at Nordstrom. Customer Service is her #1 priority & takes pride in teaching that importance to her employees.

Jeff & Rickelle have two boys, Alex & Mason who are so excited to, “have a frozen yogurt store of their own”. They still have a few years before they become real employees! Until then, they can use their family business as a learning experience.

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